Oklahoma Beta’s History

Oklahoma Beta was first chartered at then Oklahoma A&M in December of 1946 with 42 members. The 1st House was at 901 University, until 1962 when the current members traded with ΑΧΩ (Alpha Chi Omega) to get to the current location of 224 N Monroe. OK Beta went through many cycles of great men, winning various homecoming events, and outstanding academics/athletics.

Recently, the chapter has gone through a rebuilding era to reclaim their stake as one of the top houses, after losing their charter. October 2, they recolonized and are on their way to officially rechartering.



The Chapter House

The house is located at 224 S Monroe St; less than a 5 minute walk from Theta Pond or the Student Union. Renovations will take place Spring 2017, with the house being movein-ready by Fall 2017.

It will include:
– Premium food service area with coffee bar
– IT/Tech rooms
– Multiple, dedicated study rooms
– Museum/Legacy room
– Social space/Media Rooms on multiple levels
– Capacity between 70 – 80 men
–Maximized “Educational Space” within each bedroom
–Maximized outdoor areas for interactivity, recruitment, brand identity